The factors of development time and development costs are of particular relevance for competitiveness and thus for the success of a product development. When converting an idea into a saleable product, the development process, which is characterized by a great deal of creative work in terms of content, must be combined with a systematic approach and use of methods. The right process steps must be closely interlocked and linked with the necessary detailed knowledge.

IMPETUS masters the division of the overall process into the necessary individual phases. Our focus is on a result-oriented and economical implementation. For this purpose, the employees of the individual competence areas and locations have been working together for many years in an excellent network and with modern tools.

Just as important as a functioning, efficient process, is in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in detailed areas. For this purpose, IMPETUS has competence centers along the process chain, such as for the concept phase, series developments, calculations & simulations & determination of characteristic values and implementation in prototyping and injection molding technical center.


Plastics engineering

Complete devices & total developments

Industries for which we work

Product development works across industries

IMPETUS Plastics has been successfully implementing product developments in a wide range of industries for many years, including medical technology, electrical engineering, automotive, white goods, heating-sanitary-air conditioning, packaging and optics. In doing so, we realize projects that are characterized by a high level of innovation and high standards. The ability to adapt to the respective industry-specific conditions and to deliver high-quality results on time and on target has made IMPETUS Plastics a valued development partner for many years.

Why do we work for different industries?

Innovations regularly arise from new linkages of already existing knowledge. Transfer innovations, or cross-industry innovations, allow us to combine knowledge and processes from different industries and products more quickly into new concepts and break through barriers to thinking. All our customers benefit from this.

Medical Engineering

For us, medical engineering means the realization of advanced medical technology products in which, in addition to the desired functionalities and excellent product usability, the set cost targets are also achieved. It goes without saying that in our medical engineering we also attach particular importance to the high documentation requirements as well as to risk management in all phases of product development.


The demands placed on components for the automotive industry, whether in terms of service life or production, are high and are subject to numerous standards and regulations. As an experienced and competent development service provider in the automotive industry, we are very familiar with the complex requirements placed on these component groups and offer our customers solutions for high-performance products throughout the entire development chain.

Electrical engineering

Many requirements for the plastics used are also specified by standards and regulations in electrical engineering. These include the flammability and insulating properties of plastics. In addition, the mechanical requirements for these products are often high. Among other things, IMPETUS calculates component behavior in advance, develops optimization proposals and produces prototypes for field tests.

Smart Home

High dimensional requirements, excellent surfaces and the coordination of many individual components within the shortest possible time often have to be implemented for smart home devices. Our team scores with an excellent overall package and delivers high-quality assemblies in the shortest possible time.

Heating / Plumbing / Air conditioning

In addition to the required media resistance (transport of water, liquid chemicals and gases), the design against temperature influences and mechanical loads is often necessary. We simulate complex load and flow requirements already in the early development phase in order to manufacture your products in a cost- and time-minimized manner. Our core competencies also include the subsequent design and construction of the tools.

White Goods & Consumer Products

Household appliances and consumer products are exposed to high stresses in everyday use - often over many years. Our engineering services are the basis for high molded part quality in the series production process.


Behind many packaging solutions are very sophisticated technical solutions and innovative concepts that are not always apparent at first glance. We have been developing individual solutions for the protection of products and functioning opening concepts for many years. In doing so, we check the mechanical, dynamic and thermal loads simulatively and, if desired, also in the test laboratory.


Very high quality and precision requirements for devices and their plastic components are ubiquitous in the optics industry. IMPETUS has been successfully developing design and manufacturing concepts for injection-molded precision plastic components for many years. A high level of development expertise is required throughout the entire development chain, from design and simulative layout to the manufacture of injection molds and prototype production.

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